Dominick McIntosh

Dominick began his tattoo career in 2003, apprenticing under Eric Skramstad at Edge Tattoo in Pawtucket, RI. He has since tattooed at several shops around the country, and moved to Portland, Oregon in 2006.  After tattooing at Living Art Tattoo for three years, he opened Dead Gods Tattoo with Joe Skramstad and Austin Allen.

Dominick has won many awards locally and abroad for his large scale and realistic work, and has been published in Tattoo, International Tattoo Art, Skin and Ink, Tattoo Energy, and several others.  His work has been featured online by Juxtapoz and BMEzine.


Dominick prefers working on large pieces, mainly backpieces, sleeves, rib panels, etc. He also enjoys realism, particularly portraits, and accurate reproductions of famous art.  Although he is well known for his color work, he actually prefers black and gray for its speed, readability, and durability.  His favorite subject matter includes Asian art, particularly Hindu and Buddhist images, mythology in general, geometric designs, biomechanical, skulls, faces, and decorative motifs.


Dominick is NOT currently taking on new clients. He works by appointment only, charges $150/hour, books about 3-5 months ahead, and has a 3 hour, $450 minimum for all tattoos.

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Tattooing since 2003

Famous For

Burning the fuck out of bridges

Best Feature

Broad forehead, full of thoughts

Favorite Color

Black, followed by gray